Idyllically, an AED registry would include not only information on AED location, although also linkages with EMS and eyewitness responders to capture data on arrange, process, and outcomes Bobrow, ; Dealer et al.

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Increased efforts to reach communities and populations where disparities are prevalent will additionally be necessary to promote change. Designed for example, McNally and colleagues noted so as to of 31, OHCAs with presumed cardiac etiology, patients who received bystander CPR compared to those who did not had overall survival rates of Not true. Prior work in the cardiac arrest field has also focused on the implementation of PAD programs in sports-related settings, because cardiac apprehend can sometimes be precipitated by an exercise-related event Drezner et al. The use of AEDs has contributed en route for increased survival for some youth athletes Drezner, ; Rothmier and Drezner,

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Amateur CPR trainees: Retraining, confidence and compliance to attempt resuscitation 4 years afterwards training. Using text messages, an alarm system notifies potential bystanders of adjacent arrests and AED locations Zijlstra et al. Improved survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and use of automated exterior defibrillators. Moreover, home training by capture self-instruction with peer facilitation has been shown to provide similar competence by a lower cost compared to accepted classroom-based training for lay responders escalate the reach of bystander CPR coach Wik et al.


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