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Can I increase the length of time a session expires?

Let's have a personal and meaningful banter. Thanks a lot. What am I missing? I wish more developers would test their web applications for assembly timeout issues. WP should just convey here. The issue goes away but I disable all plugins. What but I purposefully have my admin bleep in a different file for collateral reasons? Privacy Anti-Spam Sitemap.

Fix Session 65445

All the rage the stack of RFE priorities, anywhere does this one sit? How a propos multisite? Happy blogging. This is acute stuff, and mitigation strategies are imperfect. The effect of using www. I had no problems installing wp after that uploading paid templates in. Please aim on cookie support to enable balance login.

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Be grateful u very much. Now one "old" tab is enough to terminate my session, probably taking my last communication board post with it. Please associate the message from Liferay Also I was signing in at:. Privacy Anti-Spam Sitemap. For these selfish reasons, I'd like to see this topic addressed - only I have not absolute what to suggest: keep the answer client-side, but instead of logging absent after 30 minutes it should assessment if other counters are currently effective e.

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Why is my session expiring immediately after I log in to LastPass?

The problem with this feature is, so as to it's completely client based and forces logout after a timer has expired with a warning offering to broaden the session. As a user, I can say pretty unequivocally that assembly expiration sucks. Now one "old" flap is enough to terminate my assembly, probably taking my last message embark post with it. If you liked this article, then please subscribe en route for our YouTube Channel for WordPress capture tutorials. Thanking You…!!! If anything, the server has all the information it needs to remember you, even but you walked away from your central processing unit for a week. Please turn arrange cookie support to enable account login.

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